Thank you to all of our/Rose’s Billiards friends whom made our One Year Anniversary a successful day and evening. We all had so much fun, even though it was a lot of work for Marta and myself. Thank you Marta for your hard and dedicated work and support of my endeavor. I am blessed to have you in my corner LOL!

And thank you to our regulars; Angie, Andrea & Thomas, Rex and Laura, Tony, Jason, Jesus, and friends, Derick amd Kevin, Rich and Shane, Jeff,, Andy and Maggi, and especially our Bollywood Indian Cuisine neighbors-Saini, Inder, Lola, Stephanie, and Robert, and all of those numerous folks that are to many to write here, that support us every week.

I also want to thank the generous sponsorship of Paul’s Live From New York Pizza for their 5 large pizzas that we all so thoroughly enjoyed, and to Larry for delivering them to Rose’s.

Congratulations to Ewok Lokitree for winning the Lucasi Custom Quick Release Raffle Cue, and even 4 hours of free pool. He is a huge support to Rose’s and we really appreciate his and wife Rusty for their kind and generous support.

So, to all of our friends, thanks again for your patronage and engaging smiles. Marta and I love the energy you all impart to us.
See you soon.