“Special” Membership

Membership Special
Rose’s (From here-on referring and including it’s Owner or Staff), is offering a
Special Membership price of $100.00 per Calendar Month.

The following Conditions apply towards a Membership:

By paying for this Membership, the Member agrees to all of the following conditions:
Rose’s Billiards reserves the right to offer the table that the Member is playing on, to another
customer “once that Member has played a minimum of 2 hours of, either uninterrupted play time or an accumulated amount of play time”, on any given day that Rose’s is open.

This condition would only apply when all (6) 9′ Tables are in use, by either Members or non-Members, and there are customers, Members & non-Members alike, waiting to play on the 9′ Tables. The Member also has the right to keep playing on the table, “by paying Rose’s current rate schedule”. These conditions and charges apply until there is no longer a waiting list for the 9′ Tables.

Memberships give Members the right to play on Rose’s Billiards 9′ Hourly Rate Diamond Tournament Tables “only” for as long as they wish, unless the above noted conditions come into effect, or Rose’s Billiards Owner or Staff deem it necessary to use the Table that they are playing on.

Members also agree that Membership does not exclude them from; Tournament Entry Fees and Green Fee Charges, 8, 9, or 10 Ball, & 1 Pocket Tournaments, all Special Tournament Championships, Competitions and any other Special Pool or Non-Pool related Events put on by Rose’s Billiards, or it’s Sponsors.

Rose’s reserves the right to refuse cancel/revoke any Member’s “Membership” at any time that
it deems necessary or warranted, and reserves the choice to pay Member for the remainder/balance of their Membership time left.

Rose’s and it’s staff reserve the right to refuse this Special Membership Offer to anyone, as
deemed by the Owner or Staff that it is not in the best interests of this Establishment to
offer that person a Membership. Rose’s also has the right to revoke a Member/Membership even once a Membership has been paid for through this Website’s Special Offer.

After paying online, or at Rose’s Billiards your Membership starts when you come to Rose’s and let the Staff know that you are an online Member, and lasts for 1 month from that date.