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Meet New People

We are a real social network. You’re on a team with other people having fun playing pool.


A Fun Night Out

APA Leagues are a fun night out for you and your friends to look forward to each week.


Players Compete Equally

Higher skilled players have to win more games, or score more points, than lower skilled players. The Equalizer® handicap system keeps everyone on an even playing field.


Many Formats to Choose From

APA offers 8-Ball and 9-Ball team formats, as well as Doubles and Masters formats (check with your Local League Operator about availability in your area).

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$1.5 MILLION in Vegas!

The APA hosts 2 major championships in Las Vegas that give ordinary players a chance at $1.5 Million in guaranteed cash and prizes.


The World’s Largest Pool Tournaments

National Singles Championships

National Team Championships


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